The Future of SEO is Voice Search

An increasing aspect of the SEO landscape are voice searches.

For years, both Apple and Google have been pushing the capability on their respective phones, but new players and avenues of voice searches have begun to take the field.

Both Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa have proved themselves capable listeners, with the Amazon Echo being essentially nothing more than a Wi-Fi signal, a speaker, and a microphone.

Meanwhile, Apple and Google expanded their voice search empires to smartwatches and even cars.

Combined, Google estimates that approximately 20 percent of google searches on mobile devices are carried out by voice commands. This is a staggeringly large number, and a successful business must be conscious of the ways a voice search differs from a text search in Google’s analytics.

A voice search is often vaguer and conversational than a text search. As such, Google does not value keywords as highly as it does in text searches, instead depending more on social media and service reviews to sort search results.

Essentially, in voice search results, Google no longer looks for the closest match to the phrasing of the question, or links to the most important site. It takes into account what other local users have searched to predict and streamline behavior.

Google refers to this technique as “semantic search”, for obvious reasons.

The best way to cater a website to this type of search is to use a conversational style, and format information in simple lists or FAQs.

Both make it easier for Google to trawl through the contents and identify the key information that will benefit the searcher.

If the current trajectories of the tech giants remain the same, the percentage of voice searches will only continue to rise over time.
Learning how to cater specifically to, and wring the last page view, from voice searches may move from being a vital skill to the premier skill in the SEO toolbox.

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