Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is often undervalued taking a back seat to social media and paid advertising. But, email marketing continues to be an effective and essential tool for your small business’s SEO strategy. This month, we discuss the importance of email marketing share a few helpful strategies you can incorporate into your digital marketing and local SEO efforts.

The Cost-Effective (and Eco-Friendly) Alternative to Direct Mail Marketing

Email marketing offers two great benefits for local business owners: it’s free, and it does not require paper or postage to send.

Two ways to improve your brand’s email visibility are:

  • Create interactive emails that have a link or picture that directs your audience to your website when clicked on
  • Send emails between 8 PM – Midnight (due to the minimal email traffic during these hours it is more likely for users to view it in the morning)

Mobile Accessibility

It’s 2017. Nearly everyone can use their mobile devices to access their email accounts. No matter where your audience is, they can easily check their email through their smartphone. Mobile accessibility is essential for local SEO and digital marketing, making it a valuable tool for business owners to connect with their audience.

Check out these quick tips for tailoring emails to your mobile audience:

  • Make sure your email design is formatted for mobile phones. (If it is formatted for a computer, your audience may not see the email design properly because of the different dimensions. Most email marketing platforms (like Mailchimp) provide this option, A campaign you send through MailChimp will automatically format your email for mobile devices so that it is viewable when accessed via smartphone.
  • Improve readability by increasing font size.
  • Place links and pictures in the middle of the email, so when users are scrolling with their thumb, they will not accidentally tap the link while they are reading.
  • Convert your email template to one column. Not only is this easier for scrolling and readability, it looks great, too!

Incorporate Social Media in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Social media is a popular way to market your business to a large, diversified audience, but email marketing remains an effective way to engage with your audience. In fact, Mailchimp provides the option for users to combine email lists with social media channels like Facebook. Social media integration is an effective way to tailor your marketing ad to your audience’s Facebook accounts.

How is this possible? Let’s take a look:

  • Download your email list as a .CSV file and import it through Facebook’s Ad Manager. This will match your email list to your target audience’s Facebook accounts.
  • You can also create a lookalike audience through Facebook’s Ad Manager. This tool allows your business to advertise to audiences with similar interests and information as the users in your email list.

Grow Your Local SEO with LoSoMo Inc.

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Email Marketing in Boca Raton

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