Despite its humble beginnings, Facebook has grown into a fantastic platform for brands and businesses to communicate with their audiences.

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to reach customers organically through the platform. Facebook has been actively limiting organic reach for brand pages, to balance the personal and commercial content in a user’s news feed.

What is Facebook Boosting?

Let’s say that you have a great social media post. Your fans are engaging with it, liking it, and sharing it. In short, it’s a knockout. You want as many people to see it as possible, right?

Well, Facebook doesn’t always make that easy (And why should they, when people are more than willing to pay for exposure?). So, for a fee, you can make that excellent post appear higher up on your audience’s Feeds, making it one of the first things that they see. We call this “boosting” your post because you’re giving it some help.

How Are They Different from Traditional Ads?

What makes boosted posts different from a standard Facebook ad?

Boosted posts are just that: regular posts that you pay to increase audience outreach. Facebook allows you to promote status updates, photos, and even videos. Whereas traditional Facebook ads hang out on the sidebar, a boosted post shows up in a user’s news feed like normal.

The benefit is that the post shows up where your target audience is already looking: their feed.

What Are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of boosting Facebook posts?

When the option first launched, most in the industry wrote boosted posts off as a waste of resources, but our numbers tell a different story. When examining one client’s data, we found that boosted posts accounted for a staggering rise in organic reach and engagement. Actively boosting quality posts lead to a 150% increase in traffic and 220% increase in calls from the website.

Thanks to quality content and boosted posts, engagement increased nearly 375% and organic reach increased by 45%. In fact, they outperformed promoted posts in virtually every metric. Without boosting, posts will often reach a small percentage of a page’s current audience.

Facebook has evolved from a social network into the world’s most effective advertising venue. No matter who your target audience is, there’s a good chance that they’re on Facebook. Boosted posts allow you to take advantage of the platform and advertise to one of the largest groups in the world without breaking the bank. Lower costs than paid advertising on search engines.

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