In the past, SEO and paid search have been used separately, but more and more businesses are recognizing the value of utilizing these two tactics together. Although SEO and PPC are different in many ways, they are both components of a larger search marketing strategy, meaning that they aim to increase a website’s visibility through search engines. This blog explores several ways that SEO and PPC work together for a successful internet marketing strategy.

Keyword Research and Expansion

The wealth of information that paid search provides can be used to inform your SEO strategy. When evaluating your SEO strategy, you can utilize data from your PPC campaigns to determine which keywords to optimize for quicker results. When you run organic and paid campaigns simultaneously, you receive double the keyword data to analyze.

Increase Visibility

Another benefit of combining your SEO and paid search efforts is the increased exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs). Showing up on both organic and paid searches increases traffic, brand awareness, and credibility. Clicks tend to increase for paid and organic listings when they both show up on a SERP.

Test Organic Keywords with PPC

PPC provides immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the keywords you want to target. After you choose strategic keywords, you can test them through paid search and determine your overall SEO strategy. By identifying the highest converting keywords in your PPC campaigns, you can better direct your SEO efforts.

Optimize Title Tags and Meta-Descriptions with PPC Data

Paid search ad copy and meta-descriptions aren’t the exact same character length but are close enough to make it an effective testing ground for what content captures the user’s attention. Use PPC search data to analyze what type of ad copy resonates most with your targeted audience. Put that data to good use by adjusting your title tags and meta-descriptions for underperforming pages in your organic search strategy.

Incorporate Social Media

Social media platforms provide highly targeted advertising opportunities. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can target ads to surprisingly specific audiences. Any data you collect from social media ads can provide insight into your target audience and help you adjust your overall organic strategy.

LoSoMo Inc: Your SEO and PPC Experts

It is no longer beneficial to consider SEO and paid search as opposing forces. Instead, when they are utilized together, SEO and PPC complement one another to improve your overall marketing strategy.

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