Can you believe July has already come and gone? This last month was full of exciting updates and great content. We launched our new website (what do you think?), Google launched Google Posts and ditched Google Instant, Amazon bought Whole Foods, etc. Here’s our top ten newsworthy posts for the month of July:

  1. A Google Algorithm update dropped last month on the 25th. Were you affected? Here’s everything you need to know.
  2. Google Posts is the next big thing for us local SEO-ers and this article highlights tips for using this latest feature successfully.
  3. Legit links remain one of the most important and difficult to obtain pieces of the SEO puzzles. Rand at Moz comes through for us with a quality Whiteboard Friday about getting links without even asking!
  4. Think with Google just put out this great piece about improving your mobile experience for your customers.
  5. Check out this awesome summary of the affects of Google Home Services on local businesses.
  6. We’re always on the lookout for killer content, and often case studies are the best of the best. This fascinating case study puts the proof in the pudding for using video on Facebook.
  7. Now is as good a time as ever to start implementing strategies for getting reviews.
  8. Did you know that over half of the web is now HTTPS? If you haven’t made your website secure, it’s time to add it to your to-do list before 2018. Yoast gives some tips for making the switch.
  9. We love Search Engine Journal’s Periodic Table of SEO Success. Have you downloaded their updated version for 2017?
  10. Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st?! (We realize this has nothing to do with SEO but we’re excited about it and you should be too.) This article has an awesome map showing all the traffic patterns people are predicted to take to see the Eclipse at its finest. If you’re a local business owner along the path, you could be using some Eclipse marketing to your advantage.

Happy Eclipse viewing and SEO-ing next month! We’ll check back in at the end of August for more for more of the latest and greatest.

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