Fall is officially here, which doesn’t mean a whole lot for us Florida folks. Okay, we’re a little jealous of anyone actually getting a taste of “sweater weather.” But, whether or not the temperature drops, the SEO world keeps plugging along. Here’s our latest New & Noteworthy:

  1. Double the characters, double the fun. What do you think about the latest Twitter roll out?
  2. Being outranked in local pack results? Try a basic local business audit.
  3. Snooze alert. We all have that one Facebook friend (or maybe more than one) that we’re on the verge of unfollowing: they’re now testing a temporary “snooze” feature. Your thoughts?
  4. It’s been said time and time again that being secure is the way to go: but what’s the best way to do it without negatively affecting your business? Yext put together this guide, and it’s worth checking out.
  5. We’re a big believers in lifelong learning. Google’s new feature that lets you find e-books in stock at local libraries is an awesome way to keep the learning alive.
  6. 300% growth in one year from content strategy? Tell us more.
  7. For both business owners and fellow seo-ers: check out these tips on prioritizing your SEO tasks.
  8. Keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates could be a job all its own. Download Search Engine Land’s free PDF with their major updates explained.
  9. Thinking about a new website? Make sure it’s done right.
  10. We’ve been thinking of all those affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters in the past month. If you want to help, we really appreciated this article on how and when to donate after a disaster.

How is fall treating you? What’s your latest take on the world of online marketing? Let us know in the comments or on social media. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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