Every week, Google sends me updates, and on Monday I regularly receive a “weekly thought-starter.” They are always interesting, but when I opened my inbox a few months ago, this specific though-starter really did get me thinking, and it’s stayed with me ever since.

Entitled “Creativity in Constraint: Unlock New Forms of Storytelling With 6-Second YouTube Bumper Ads,” the article explores the idea of restriction inspiring creativity. Though the videos they shared were compelling, I started thinking about restriction and creativity in the world of SEO. SEO basically boils down to marketing teams getting creative to respond to search engine’s restrictions.

Through the years “getting creative” has gone from hiding thousands of instances of your keyword by making it the same color as your background to commenting on as many blogs as possible with a link back to your own site to creating long form, engaging content in a variety of mediums to attract real customers and links. (And so, here we are!)

The Cycle of Restrictions and Creative Solutions

It’s a constant cycle. Search Engines *cough Google* release some new algorithm update or introduce some new ranking factor and all us SEO-ers are scrambling to find a work around or another way to keep doing the same thing we’ve always done: bring more traffic to our client’s sites. Here’s the formula:

Restrictions and Creativity in SEO

Google wants mobile friendly? We go mobile friendly. Google wants HTTPS? We go HTTPS. Google penalized short and duplicate content? We write and update and write and update. Google says get reviews? We ask for reviews all day long. Google gets rid of mapmaker? We’ll find a way around it. We always do.

Challenges and Growth

It’s challenging, but isn’t that why we do it? Isn’t that why our industry is constantly growing? Isn’t that why some of the brightest minds are looking at Search Engine Marketing and Optimization as the next big thing, as THE big thing. Oh, you heard that SEO was dead? I’m here to tell you it’s alive and well… it’s just continually evolving and keeping us on our toes.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to leave the corporate world behind and step in as the president of LoSoMo. The constantly changing world of search pushes me and inspires me. The cycle of restriction driving creativity keeps things fresh. Yes, I’m a total nerd and I’m not afraid to admit it. Search engine marketing new to you? Welcome to my world. I’ve found my niche, and now you can have a taste of it too. Thanks for joining me.

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