Level Up your Insta Game

If you want to give your SEO some extra oomph, you’re going to need to invest some time into generating high-quality images and videos. Let’s face it – it’s what our Google overlord wants, and we have to obey to stay in the good rankings.

So bust out your new iPhone’s portrait mode, get familiar with which filters make your frames look fresh, and start owning the Insta feed. We’ve got just a few suggestions to help you level up your Insta game.

1. Lower Your Exposure

It’s no coincidence that the most ‘liked’ photos on Instagram all have a similar tone to them. Users favor lower exposed (lower light concentrated) photos that tend to be less saturated with color. Photos with lower exposure and saturation look more life-like, and when you take photos with a lower exposure, you lessen your risk of the photo looking blown out. To learn more about exposure, follow this link. An easy way to lower exposure is to use apps like VSCOcam and Snapseed.

2. Remember the Rule of Thirds

Using the rule of thirds is one of the best ways to up the quality and composition of your photos. Get a three by three grid set up on your camera before you take your photo to make sure your elements are in line. To learn more about the rule of thirds, follow this link.To set up your grid in iPhone go to Settings > Photos and Camera > and turn on Grid. For Android, Camera App Settings > Select Grid Lines.

3. A Peek At Perspective

Trying to take a photo of food, your desk, or a collection of books? Try the top-down method of a flat lay. Want your subject to look prominent in your photo? Shoot through something else, like branches or a fence. Check out this article for more tips on flat lay photography.

4. Posing is for Posers

Photos that showcase action are more likely to promote engagement. Why is this? It is because they tell a story! Let people wonder what comes next after they look at your photograph by favoring shots that show people or places in action. Check out this article to learn how to use iPhone’s burst mode for amazing actions shots.

5. It’s Lit

Lighting is everything. The best time to take high-quality photos is in morning or evening, with natural light. Taking photos in afternoon light often leaves photos overexposed and with awkward shadows. Here’s a great article with ten facts about photography lighting.

6. Give Your ‘Grams A Glo Up

Investing in a quality editing app or software is the most important and final step in your level-up process. Think of your original photo as a draft – it needs to go through a thorough editing process before it makes its debut.

These are some of our faves:

VSCOcamVSCOcam Tutorial

SnapseedSnapseed Tutorial

AfterlightAfterlight Tutorial

Time to #Werk

We’ve given you the tools, and now it’s time to go out and start your social media empire. Whether you’re a burgeoning influencer, a small business owner, or a corporate elite – everyone can benefit from learning to create high-quality content. For more tips & tricks make sure to follow LoSoMo, Inc on social media. Want some help creating content and growing your following? We’re here to help. Visit https://losomoinc.com/ or call (561) 923-9698.

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