It’s no surprise that the digital sphere is pushing traditional media by the wayside. Digital marketing offers accessibility, cheaper price points, and the real-time data that conventional advertising can’t. So if you’re ready to leave inconvenient door hangers, expensive radio spots, and your competition in the dark ages, then you might be ready to work with a digital marketing expert.
Before you make the leap, here are some things to consider.

1. Why Change?

You have to ask yourself – why change? It’s a fairly easy question to answer if you are just starting your business or if you been playing the game with the same marketing strategy you developed 20 years ago. But if you’re the middle child where things are fine but not great, you need to ask yourself: what is it about your current marketing strategy that isn’t working? Or, if your current marketing strategy is bringing in business, can you think of a way to make it better? Word of mouth is great but does what people see online backup the great things people are saying about you? Maybe you need a bit of help from an expert to find the best solution.
Your first thought to changing your marketing strategy might make you wince a bit – because let’s face it – change it hard. But what hurts worse is watching your competition make changes that end up paying off. To make sure you can edge out your competition, you need to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate your competition, rather than running to catch up.

2. Why Now?

Why is now the best time to start working with a Digital Marketing Expert? Why are you even spending the time to read this article and contemplate a change? Is your industry shifting? Maybe you are trying to scale your business but not increase your headcount. Or maybe it’s just your busy season, and you need the extra help. No matter the “why?” – you have to think about what are you going to miss by putting off progress. If you are contemplating working with a digital marketing expert clearly you are looking to solve a problem, something about your current strategy isn’t working – so why wait to change it? Making the decision to change now will solve your problem faster and start bringing in new business.

3. Why Digital Marketing at all?

Netflix is taking over TV, the rise of Spotify and Podcasts could signal the end of radio, and email has essentially wiped out the credibility of physical mail. The digital world has already taken 1st place in your day-to-day activities, so why are your marketing efforts lagging behind?
If you could track every lead that came to your business, wouldn’t you want to? What about specifically targeting ads to be seen by the people who are most likely to use your product or service? If you are in a seasonal business, doesn’t it make the most sense to find a flexible marketing strategy that works with your schedule?

With the ability to showcase traditional media, like video and promotional flyers, on social media or through email, not only are you able to save

4. Why Shouldn’t I try It Myself?

Everyone is on social media these days so that means you can do most of your digital marketing yourself, right? Well, maybe not. You are a business owner so that inherently means you are already wearing multiple hats – why do you want to add one more?
The online landscape is constantly changing. Google alone made at least ten changes in 2017. That doesn’t include Facebook algorithm changes, and the myriad of tiny shifts that occur daily in the digital marketing landscape. To stay current and make sure that your digital marketing efforts are getting the most bang for your buck you need to keep up with the dynamic online sphere. Did you know that in some cases your website can be penalized for soliciting online reviews? These are the kinds of things you need a digital marketing expert to help you stay on top of.
As a business owner who is trying to stay on top of sales, employee management, finances, deliverables, amongst other tasks, is it really the best use of your time to add staying on top of Google and Facebook updates to that list? When you choose to partner (and we do think of our clients as partners) with a digital agency you are getting much more than someone to manage your social media for you. You are getting a whole team of experienced professionals whose job is to stay on top of the evolving digital landscape.

5. Why Make The Investment?

Let’s talk money – it’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You want to make more of it and grow your business. Money is usually a touchy subject, but it is important to know that you are investing your funds wisely and that you will get a return on that investment.
You are already spending money on marketing your business, but is it working? Are you seeing an increase in leads, repeat customers, and exponential profits? Because of the digital-first trend of society, your online presence, be it your website, social media, or your Google My Business listing, is the first point of contact between you and potential customers. So when you neglect digital in your marketing strategy, you are ignoring a substantial portion of potential business. According to the 2017 BrightLocal Search Industry Survey the average rate for working with a digital marketing expert is $1670 per month not including ad spend. That may sound like a lot at first glance but if your goal is to grow your company to $200,000, $500,000 or a million dollars – isn’t it worth the investment to get you there? If help from a digital marketing expert could get you a double digit return on your investment and help you build your dream and meet your goals why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Do You Think You’re Ready?

If you found yourself nodding your head to the majority of the points made in this blog, then you are probably ready to start getting your digital marketing game up to speed. Whenever you’re ready, the team here at LoSoMo is ready to help!

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