Italy4Real, a Washington based travel company, provides guided tours, custom trip planning, and vacation packages throughout Italy and Europe. We used MailChimp to design and deploy a successful email campaign to help improve their online reputation.

The Challenge

One bad review can break you, especially if it’s the only review you have. Italy4Real had a run-in with a serial bad reviewer. One wasn’t enough… they left a review on all the major sites. Like it usually is, the customer hadn’t tried to sort things out with the company, or even contacted them to know their discontent.

Unfortunately, once someone leaves a negative review, true or untrue, it’s relatively permanent. A business owner has little they can do besides respond.


After helping Italy4Real craft a genuine response, one that was appreciative of the feedback and open to making the situation right, we knew we could do more.

Inspired by NiftyMarketing and taking advantage of Italy4Real’s hefty email list, we decided to reach out for positive reviews. But blasting thousands of people asking for a review is asking for trouble. We created a survey using the Harvard tested Net Promoter Score. On a scale of 0-10, clients were asked how likely they were to recommend Italy4Real to a friend.

Demoters, or those who chose 0-4 were directed to an “apology” slide asking for feedback to help Italy4Real improve. Passive clients (5-8) were asked to share something positive and something Italy4Real could improve. Promoters (9-10) were sent to a slide with links to Google+ and Facebook, asking to share their feedback with others.


The survey was sent out over a week-long period to all of Italy4Real’s email subscribers. 49% of the survey takers were Promoters with a score of 9-10 and were directed on to leave reviews for Italy4Real. 41% of the survey takers chose passive scores and only 7% chose demoter scores, most of which selected the lower score because they had never actually worked with Italy4Real.

Along with exposing many happy clients to their review sites, Italy4Real also received reinforcing positive feedback along with valuable constructive criticism.

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