ProAm Dance Studio

ProAm Dance Studio has been a staple local studio for over 48 years. They specialize in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, and Acrobatics. At ProAm dance studio, students learn more than just dance- they learn discipline, respect, focus, and how to strive to achieve their goals. Recently, ProAm Dance Studio added a new professional goal for themselves. They wanted to focus on creating localized Facebook ads that would increase the number of leads their dance studio receives.

Their Goal

ProAm Dance Studio had not been receiving quality leads from their Facebook page, which they use as a major source of their advertising efforts. To change that, LoSoMo implemented Facebook lead ads that targeted the demographics ProAm Dance Studio sought to engage with. They wanted to focus on marketing their Facebook ads to parents that have children ages 6 through 17, as well as localizing the ads to increase engagement with their local community.

The Solution: As Easy as 1, 2, 3

On a recommendation from LoSoMo, ProAm Dance Studio decided to use Facebook lead ads to target potential customers. Lead ads allow advertisers to collect potential customers’ information. Instead of sending traffic to a landing page, the potential customer clicks on the ad, and their name and email will be automatically filled in. Once the lead is submitted, it will be sent off to ProAm. Facebook lead ads make data collection much more accessible to both the potential customer and the business.

In the lead ad, there is a blurb that states what the customer is signing up for and where their information will be sent. For example, ProAm’s current blurb says ProAm Dance Studio provides the best in children’s dance instruction in their local area. ProAm’s dance classes offer a fun, non-judgmental, and safe learning environment for all of our young students.

Successful Tango

ProAm Dance Studio has received an influx of leads since LoSoMo set Facebook lead ads into motion. LoSoMo utilized the Facebook ad lead generator to create a quick way for potential customers to connect with ProAm Dance Studio. Through these Facebook ads, ProAm reached a local audience that is interested in signing their child up for dance classes. With the budget that ProAm has for advertising, they are paying $9 a lead. LoSoMo focused on potential customers that are local to the area. Since focusing on these areas, the potential reach of the Lead ads is 190,000 people.

4x the amount of leads within one month
97% of page views are from the locations targeted

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