Entertainment Services

LoSoMo provides SEO solutions for entertainment companies such as reputation management, web design & development, and social media management.

Entertainment SEO

LoSoMo’s Local SEO and Online marketing solutions can also work for the entertainment industry. Whether you need more marketing for your brand, your agency, your tv station, or your magician’s act, LoSoMo has all the sources through reputation management, web design and development, and social media management to provide more audience for your entertainment.

Reputation Management

Don’t let a negative review ruin your companies reputation. Our services allow us to keep track of everything being said about you online. If something negative pops up online we’ll handle it for you. We routinely respond to all reviews and show your supporters that you care. Once a review is crafter we send it out to you for approval. As an entertainment company it is essential that your online reputation

Web Design & Development

When it comes to web design and development, we focus on three things: getting more leads, making mobile friendly sites, and making your website unforgettable. As a client of ours, we know you want people to know who you are, so we’re here to make sure you get a platform to start up your name and get people to know who you are. We do mobile friendly sites because more and more people are using their phones online, so it’ll help widen your audience. And we want your platform, your website, to be memorable with relevant, memorable, content creation such as images, videos, titles, heading, etc. Give yourself a name and with our SEO we’ll help you shine!

Social Media Management

We know that part of being in the entertainment industry these days mean social media is very important. You want to increase your online followers, keep them up-to-date with everything that’s going on with you, and maintain your reputation with Google+. We can help you do that. You probably won’t have the time to constantly maintain your social media accounts due to going on tours, and maintaining your entertainment business, so we’re to help you out. Our people know social network, we practically live on Facebook, we know the newest trends so you don’t have to. That way you can lay back, worry about your art, and we’ll target your audience, and give you feedback to better your act. It’s a two-way street where all of us can be satisfied.

Ready for marketing solutions that are unique to the Entertainment Industry? Let us help you with our powerful data and tools to grow your brand!