LoSoMo offers services for

  • Air Conditioning

  • Real Estate

  • Interior Design

  • Flooring

  • Cleaning & Organization

  • Shutters & Shades

  • Pest Control

  • Mortgage Lenders

  • Construction & Repair

  • Outdoor & Landscaping

  • Insurance

  • and More

 Web Design & Development

If your website is outdated or you have yet to build your “online storefront,” we’re at your service. Our website design team builds responsive, mobile-friendly websites that are high-speed and in line with all of the latest recommendations for better rank in search results.

 Local Search Engine Optimization

The “Lo” in LoSoMo is short for local, because we know that is what matters. As a home service business, you don’t want people calling you from across the country, or even across the state. We will help you ensure you are targeting your local market—the one that matters.

Business Listings Management

If someone searches for you online, can they easily find you? Your phone number? Address? Hours? Search yourself and see what you find. Our business listing services allow us to manage your entire online profile and ensure that your information is out there, but even more importantly that it is correct.

Social Media Management

Chances are your competition has a social media presence. How do you keep up? Our team is happy to help you determine which social channels will work best for your business, and manage everything after that too. From posting regularly to managing ads, we’re here to streamline your presence on a social front too.

The team at LOSOMO is absolutely amazing.  I recently transitioned from another SEO company and they have been great to work with.  I have worked directly with several of their Boca Raton based professionals and they have all been pleasant, efficient, and effective to work with.  They understand my needs and wants as a business owner and take care of all the little details.  They take pride in their work and are passionate about helping business grow.  I would highly recommend them to other business owners.

-Matt Jorgensen

Owner, Foundation Flooring