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Search Engine Optimization

With a mission to help local businesses grow, our SEO Services are personal and client-oriented. Instead of “one-size-fits-all” services, we’ll evaluate where your website is at and what we can do to help.


Local Listings

We offer a strategic opportunity for our clients to own their presence across business listings on the web.


Yext Local Listings

Our partnership with Yext offers a strategic opportunity for our clients to own their presence across business listings on the web.


Social Media Management


Reputation Management

Put your best face forward


Video Production and Marketing


MailChimp Email Marketing

Reach your audience on another level.


Paid Advertising

Get instant impact with our PPC and social media ad services.

Specializing in Local, Social and Mobile Marketing, LoSoMo offers a number of SEO and internet marketing services which will pave the way for growth and expansion of your business. Increase your online visibility, build a brand image, and you will notice an increase in sales in no time!

 Search Engine Optimization

With a mission to help businesses grow, our SEO Services are personal and client-oriented. Instead of “one-size-fits-all” services, we’ll evaluate your website and what we can do to help. With a local-focused strategy tailored to your specific business, you’re sure to see an improvement in rankings.

 Social Media Management

Social Media is now the number one online activity. If you have yet to set up or maintain a Social Media presence, you are missing out on a great way to build your brand. Let LoSoMo help you tackle the all things social media on a variety of different platforms that best fit your business needs.

Local Listings

It’s important to have a fast, easy-to-navigate website, but these days, that isn’t enough. Even if your site does a great job telling search engines how awesome you are, having others express your awesomeness is even better. This is where local listings come into play.

Email Marketing

LoSoMo is a certified MailChimp Expert! We will take your email marketing campaign to the next level with beautiful design and captivating content. Whether you choose to incorporate email marketing as an aspect of your SEO services or use it supplement your own SEO efforts, we can help.

Reputation Management

The internet is a space where people can say practically whatever they want about your company or services. We can help manage the good and the bad. We’ll notify you every time you receive a new review and help you craft a response to ensure that your potential clients know you care.

Web Design & Development

Not happy with your website? Need a website? LoSoMo can help! Whether you are starting from scratch or want to rebrand, we will use the latest technology to build a website that fits your business’ wants and needs. All our websites use responsive design, are mobile friendly, and are secure.

SEO Services Tailored to You

We’ll evaluate what you need

We offer three customizable packages that focus on what is most important: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Social Media Management. Though our packages include specific services, we want to evaluate your website and provide only the services that will benefit your business.

No matter what point you are at in your online growth, we can help. Together we can come up with a plan that works for you. If you want to learn more about our packages, give us a call!

Helping Local Businesses Grow

Grow your online presence, grow your business

Our services are aimed at helping small, local businesses. Does this mean we only help businesses in Boca? No! By local business, we mean any business that is competing on a local, not a national, level.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that time and resources are limited. How are you supposed to keep up with Google’s updates, post regularly on social media, and update your website with fresh content? Maybe you don’t even have a website and don’t know where to start.

That’s where we come in. With a large range of services that will help increase your visibility online, we can bring you business. All you have to do is let us do the work!

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SMBs, Enterprises, Partnerships, and more

With years of experience serving SMBs, we’ve grown our services to encompass SMEs, Large Enterprises, and Strategic Partnerships. We’ve developed an SEO strategy that is personal, scalable, and best of all, it works. If you are looking for an effective SEO strategy that you can implement for a hundred locations or for your own clients, we have a solution.

Contact us at 561-571-8147 or info@ to get started on marketing your business online the effective way or to discuss the potential for a successful partnership!


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