Video Production and Marketing

Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can be said about a video? Video brings engagement and brand awareness to your website, but an engaging, optimized video can also have serious SEO power.

Let’s not forget that YouTube is officially the second largest Search Engine out there and that it’s owned by Google. Here at LoSoMo, we offer internet marketing services with regular videos created and posted to YouTube. We can also help you with a keyword-targeted, brand-focused animated video that you can use to boost your site’s user friendliness and increase SEO efforts.

Video Production Services

Many businesses are interested in having professional videos created for their website, but aren’t willing to foot the bill. We offer an affordable solution with our animated explainer videos. Because no camera crew is required, we can save you valuable time and money, but you’ll still get a product you are proud of.

Video Production and Marketing

SEO Power

Search Engines are getting smarter every day. They’ve learned how to detect quality content, and a video is exactly that. Media-rich landing pages offer a diverse and appealing user experience. Add value to your website and improve your rankings with a video.

YouTube Authority

Harness the authority of this Power House social network and search engine. Posting a video on your optimized YouTube channel allows you to insert a credible link back to your website and makes your video available to the 1 billion active monthly users.

User Engagement

It’s easier to watch a video than read a paragraph of content. Simple, but true. A video makes a static webpage more interesting and gives users something to remember. Show off your creative side!

of all online activity is spent watching video

Million Internet Users who watch video online daily

of Mobile Video Consumers share video with others